Living a Medieval Life

Living a medieval life is not impossible in today’s world. There are many ways you can live in the modern Middle Ages. 

Many of us in today’s world find an interest in the Middle Ages and are fascinated by the medieval style of living. The medieval era is known for many great achievements. The history books have recorded many of the technologies, arts, and some of the battles fought in the Middle Ages. It was a time of mighty warriors with, swords, lances, and other weapons. The enthusiasts and collectors of the Middle Ages feel associated to that era by owning and making replicas of the items used by medieval people. Some people even dress up and act the part for special events and feel like they're living in that world. Others find enjoyment in crafting objects that medieval people would have used, owned or made, and some just enjoy collecting actual medieval pieces. 

There are a number of events and social gatherings that are celebrated in the memory of medieval times. We can’t go back to those times but with the organization of such festivals and parties we can live the beauty of the Middle Ages. Renaissance Faires are one popular event that celebrate the ages passed. These are mostly weekend gatherings where participants and guests are encouraged to dress up in a medieval outfit. There are typically swords, weapons, armour, and arts and crafts available for sale at the events. There are also medieval plays and stage performances at such faires to amuse the guests. There are also Halloween and other costume parties where you can dress up  and make an unique impression. 

If you are a true medieval fanatic then you can always try Live Action Role Playing (LARP). It is a hobby in which you play games like they are reality. The players dress up like  people from the Middle Ages and act out different adventures like sword fighting and mock battles. The idea of larping is to bring people close to the Middle Ages and provide them a platform where they can associate themselves with their favorite medieval people.

There is also the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). The objective of this group is to promote arts and skills of the Middle Age. A large number of medieval fans are members of this society. It sponsors and organizes historic events like tournamentsFind Article, reenactments and art exhibitions. There is a lot of activities involved in the SCA for people with interests in the Middle Ages from "battles", crafting, cooking and even brewing historical drinks.

Another group of medieval enthusiasts that are gaining popularity is the WMA (Western Martial Arts). The WMA are groups of people trying to recreate the historical techniques of battle with an emphasis on sword fighting, although they also study the techniques of other weapon systems. They are trying to bring the Western Martial Arts back to life. Unlike eastern martial arts which have had a more continuous history of being passed down and trained through history, the Western Martial Arts were mostly abandoned with adoption of the firearms onto the battlefields. So the WMA have been studying and try to replicate the techniques found in manuscripts from the Middle Ages.    

Living History groups are another way to live in the middle ages even if it is only a day (some events are longer). Living history groups are people who try to reenact the life of medieval people. They hold historical camp outs where the participants wear the cloths and try to recreate life in the Middle Ages as historically as possible. Some museums have living history programs where people can learn how things where done in the time periods being portrayed at the museum. 

So there are many different ways you can make your life more Medieval