Buying A Medieval Sword Online

If you have always wanted a sword to hang on the wall, use with your reenactment, or to cut things with. Then this article can help you purchase your first sword.

Sword buying can be a very confusing process. There are thousands of retailers, many different manufacturers, and several types of metal that swords are made from. If this is your first sword then you should make sure to know what you're buying. If you research what you want and know the intended functions of the sword, you will end up with a sword that will serve your needs well.

The first decision you have to make is why do you want a sword. This information will change the type of sword you should be looking at. If you want a show piece that hangs on the wall then stainless steel swords are fine for you to look into getting. If you ever want to take the sword out back and slay the hungry Troll (bush, bottle, whatever) then stainless is much too brittle. You may be fine taking your stainless sword out side and cutting a bottle one time or it may turn into the flying helicopter of death on the first swing. So in my opinion Stainless swords are a decoration ONLY. There are swords that are made of regular steel that are just as bad as the stainless ones so you must be careful and make sure your sword has a full length tang. When looking at most reputable sword dealers they will have a statement of "Battle Ready" which typically means the sword has a full tang, is sharp or ready to be sharpened, and can take some minor abuse. 

If you want a sword to wear as part of a costume for a party, renaissance festival and/or role playing events then look into getting a "Stage Ready" sword. Stage Ready swords are typically a battle ready sword without a sharp edge and a blunted point. This keeps everyone safe while wearing your sword. Another thing to consider when looking for a sword to wear to a costumed event is scabbards. Does the sword come with a scabbard or sword belt, or are you willing to make your own. A scabbard can cost almost as much as the sword if you hire someone to make it for you.    

Narrowing down your options is important when choosing a sword. If you just want a sword then sometimes the options are almost endless and you can become overwhelmed and probably end up buying something you didn't really want. So make some decision first.

Do you want a Replica of an original sword, movie replica, or purely fantasy based sword? How accurate do you want your replica to be? The more accurate a replica the more they typically cost.

What time period do you want the sword to represent if used with reenactments or renaissance festivals?

Do you want a battle ready sword, stage sword, or just a wall hanger?

So now you have narrowed you selection down and you are ready to start looking at actually purchasing a sword. Here are some guidelines to help you make your purchase. It is recommended that you only purchase a new sword from a reputable retailer. Make sure they have a good customer service policy. When looking at online sword sites or weapons specialty sites there are a few things you should look for.  Does it have a clearly posted customer support telephone number you can call?  Do they have a customer support or help section on the site? Search google for customer reviews of the webpage your interested in purchasing from. 

Swords have a very long history and there are many manufacturers, sellers and collectors. But when it comes down to buying a sword you should decide on the sword that is going to make you happy. Get a sword that looks and feels right to you and get it from an established and well-know retailer and you will have a sword that will bring you years of enjoyment and maybe even start you off on a new hobby.